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About Smiley

Smiley Abrams

Inspirational Speaker/ Poet


Date of Birth:

October 14, 1986

A Bit About Me

SMILEY (JASON) ABRAMS is an inspirational speaker and poet. He has his Bachelor's in Speech Communication with minors in Art and French. Smiley also has a Master's of Theological studies. He is born, raised and called to Mississippi, currently serving as an Area Ministry Director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship supervising college ministry in the entire state of Mississippi, Memphis, and West Florida with a particular focus on Historically Black Colleges & Universities. He has been in full-time ministry since 2008. Smiley is also the co-founder of the Andy Abrams Foundation, a nonprofit in honor of his late father.

He is the author of two poetry books - Curing the Midas Touch (2020) and Curing Whitewashed Black Man (2021) and a Bible study guide called Whitewashed Tombs: Restoring Justice, Mercy, & Faithfulness (2022). Smiley is a professional voice actor for his brother's company Propjosh Productions. He is a co-host for the movie review podcast - "What We Talkin' Bout This Time?!" He also hosts a podcast sponsored by the nonprofit called "Andy's Vision." Smiley enjoys Star Wars almost as much as he loves Star Trek. He volunteers at comic cons every year for fun. He enjoys bike riding, jump roping, and playing in VR for fun. 

Smiley is available for public speaking, Q&A sessions, spoken word performances, podcast interviews, and preaching or teaching events.

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